Beauty routine

As much as my beauty routine evolves and changes over time, with old favourites becoming forgotten and new products taking centre stage, some aspects stay the same. God knows I can be lazy, but even I can find time to incorporate these four steps into my day:

1. Cleanse – cleansing my face when I wake up and before bed is the perfect way to start and end the day with that ‘clean’ feeling. My skin is far better off for it and it is the only way to remove the dirt we can’t even see from our face. I use Kheil’s, a little goes a long way.

2. Exfoliate – three times a week I use Fresh Sugar Face Polish in the shower to fight off blackheads and the like. This product is so luxurious, and the sugar melting into my face feels very calming after a long day. My next task is to make this exfoliant at home, I’ll keep you posted.

3. Moisturise – Twice a day, at least. Morning and Night and sometimes in between, my favourite product is Kheil’s Ultra Facial Cream for its non-greasy, light formula that makes my skin what it is!

4. Sunscreen – I’m not taking my chances, I apply Jurlique’s SPF 30+ it’s light and transparent, what more could you want? (Sidenote, I don’t actually spend $70 on sunscreen, thank god for family discounts)


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