Comfort vs reputation

One of my favourite fashion quotes would have to be said by the outspoken, infamous Karl Lagerfeld:

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you went and bought some sweatpants”

Ah, you gotta to love-to-hate how his dry humour and painfully honest opinions can send the internet into uproar.

But I have to say, last winter, I did purchase my first pair of sweatpants in many years. The verdict? Well, they were very comfortable, and looked a whole lot better than the pair Britney Spears seems to debut on a daily basis. But heck, she’s Britney, she can do whatever she wants.

For many years, I never bought sweatpants for this same reason. Around the house I would wear a black pair of leggings and an oversized Ralph Lauren striped top that I bought in a Paris outlet for €20. However, I vowed never to leave the house under any circumstances wearing the leggings, as after all, they aren’t pants. And what’s worse than a pair of leggings with a visible-panty-line and a mid drift top? Perhaps pairing them with a pair of ugg boots and walking out the door.

But alas, there was a creative invention for those who didn’t want to be overt about wearing sweatpants out of the house, cue the pajama jeansA fantastic invention for the comfort-seaking fashion conscious housewives who live in sweatpants 24/7, and who now can do it without anyone knowing -fantastic.

I basically own the next best thing. A pair of jeans by Cheap Monday in their classic high waisted blue denim that are just as comfortable and stretchy as leggings. They aren’t expensive and are truly my ticket to the land of comfort. In the meantime, if you want some comfortable overalls; they also invented the pajoveralls. If you want to laugh, watch this clip.


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