The Wes Anderson girl

When Wes Anderson directed and shot a short film for Prada’s new fragrance Candy L’eau, we all knew it would be genius.

Like many young women, I am intrigued and inspired by his films and the women he carefully chooses to portray his characters. In particular, Margot Tenenbaum – the young Gweneth Paltrow with the bluntest, slick straight bob you have ever seen, much like her personality in the film The Royal Tenenbaums. Her go-to fur coat had become synonymous with women everywhere and her smudged, thick black eyeliner was a true statement of her inner unhappiness.


His talent is undeniable and he proved this again with Prada’s Candy L’eau short film, featuring the beautiful french model and actress Léa Seydoux. Not only was the short film so charming and played to death on repeat on my behalf, the character of Candy was born through the styling and beauty choices they made. The beauty look of Candy was refreshingly al natural, with a polished finish; a beautiful matte-like rose lip, paired with natural foundation, brushed brows with a hint of eyebrow powder and a spot of concealer around the eyes is all you need, Viola!






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