Tom Ford heartbreak

Do you know the feeling when you buy something online and it doesn’t quite work out?

You could imagine my excitement when the Tom Ford Nikita sunglasses I ordered online (in the most beautiful tortoise-shell colour) arrived at my doorstep. I found them for about $280, which was a fluke at the time to say the least. Alas, quite like John Mayer and his endless conquests, this happiness was short-lived and it didn’t take me long to realise it was time to move on.

They looked totally out-of-place on my face – but were oh so beautiful to look from a distance. Maybe I could just wear them on my head and never put them on? Maybe they will look great on my future daughter?  Safe to say it was time to return them and write it off as a bad investment/gift to myself. It was almost as disappointing as getting a block of soap for Christmas- honestly, why bother wrapping it up and calling it a present?

Ever since then I have been so skeptical of buying sunglasses online before trying them on. But alas, here are some pictures of the beautiful Nikita. Even though it was two years ago – I will never regret falling in love with you, and I hope you find happiness with someone who has the delicate features you require.




Ps. How beautiful is this dress/belt combo on Candice Swanepoel? This photo was taken years ago and still looks fantastic. It goes to show some items are worth investing in; a great black belt will not let you down.



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