The ick factor

Last week I woke up to the news that shocked the fashion industry to the core (it’s been a big week for fashion).  My girlfriend had linked me to an Instagram picture that I could hardly digest before my morning coffee. Yes – it was the infamous couple that had graced the cover of April’s  American Vogue. Hell had certainly frozen over.

To be honest, I really dislike speaking about the Kardashian’s, as well as all they stand for. It angered me that Kim Kardashian, a woman of considerable wealth had put her hand-me-downs up for sale on the internet, with just 10% of the proceeds going to charity. She then followed this up with a blog post defending her actions and highlighting that her generosity was totally overshadowed by controversy. I think it’s great that she was donating to charity, however for a woman who one could assume spends more on a baby dress than some people earn in a week, somethings gotta give.

But back to the topic at hand. I understand these covers will likely sell, given the celebrity status of Kim & Kanye, but American Vogue (not meaning to tell Anna Wintour what to do) in this competitive market shall ask themselves; are they doing this because it will sell or because they think their readers will be inspired by it? I think we most likely know the answer to this question. 

Heck, I understand they need to sell magazines, I just thought it was some April Fool’s joke that had gone too far.

Who else is looking forward to the feedback in Vogue’s feedback column in a few months time? Not that I will be purchasing – but their competitors will certainly be capitalising on the opportunity to get a one up on the iconic magazine.

In other news, Scarlett Johansen is killing it on the red carpet, and her post pregnancy announcement red carpet fashion choices are hitting all the right notes. See her latest appearances here.


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