Bang Bang

Bangs – also known to some as  the forehead curtain is one of the tried-many-times-but-failed fashion decisions I have made, at least three times. You see, I love bangs. I think they look seriously great on those who can pull it off. For me, however, I will keep it for my later years when my hereditary forehead wrinkles decide to have their moment. Let’s recap on the times I’ve tried but fallen on my face:

1. When I wanted to look like Freja Beha Erichsen circa 2007 – good luck, dreamer! 

2. In a complete state of shock when my eyebrows had been waxed off beyond belief. Christ it was bad. 

3. During mid year exams at uni, having a complete mental breakdown and picking up the scissors myself in a state of despair (not one person commented on my new look, doesn’t that just say it all?). 

Here’s an ode to the front fringe – and here are a collection of images which confirms why I’ll forever be trying to pull it off, with or without success.









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