A man’s world

“Never try to beat a man at a man’s game. I think you’ll find, and I certainly find when I dress to reflect my femininity, men treat me better, respect me more and I enjoy giving into that”

This was the advice I was given today when I left the house in my favourite pair of blue jeans, a not so masculine white collared top and my new favourite pair of Frye oxford’s. I felt great – I wasn’t trying to impress anyone, just going about my daily business feeling freakin’ comfortable. Then a brunette emerged, wearing her favourite pair of Miu Miu pumps, a knee length plum coloured dress and a matching plastic peony in her hair giving me advice on how to dress.

Had I just stepped back into 1950 all over again or what? To tell someone not to try and beat a man at a ‘mans game’ felt so out of date and out of touch with reality. Am I really meant to put on a dress, put a flower in my hair and pretend I love cleaning and making sandwiches? Hold the phone. This is almost as bad as the time my father once told me:

“Darling – don’t dress how you want to dress. Dress how your husband wants you to”. 

From that day on, I never failed to remind him of his horrendous advice and proudly announced myself a feminist and gay rights activist. SidenoteHe really enjoys my rants from time to time and has invested in a good pair of earplugs. Bravo. 

The beautiful thing about how far we have come as society, and as far as fashion goes is that women have the power and ability to wear whatever the they please. So here’s to the women who don’t need to dress feminine to look great, don’t give a damn about it and look fabulous! Cheers.

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