Back to basics

It occurred to me the other day my wardrobe could not contain any more contents; between items I’d bought on a whim, to 3am half-conscious shopping purchases I had somehow still managed to squeeze every last garment into my tiny compacted space. But I had to purchase this shirt, and this is why.

Although my wardrobe is bursting at the seams, one can always find room for an old friend, right? And to be fair, if anyone is going to invest in something, it’s wise to do so if it’s versatile and can be worn for a lifetime (this is what I’ll tell my accountant one day when my wardrobe is all I have, as I told my parents the same when I forked out my life savings on a Chanel bag).

What I love is the simplicity of shirts; they can be worn so many ways and be interpreted to suit anyone’s personal style. It has been manufactured and copied countlessly, but theres an art to the placement of the buttons, the fine detail in the collar, the feel of the fabric and of course the cut that makes all the difference. One hardly feels better┬áthan┬ábeing comfortable, and sometimes a shirt can be undeniably just that.




off duty


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