Back to basics

It occurred to me the other day my wardrobe could not contain any more contents; between items I’d bought on a whim, to 3am half-conscious shopping purchases I had somehow still managed to squeeze every last garment into my tiny compacted space. But I had to purchase this shirt, and this is why.

Although my wardrobe is bursting at the seams, one can always find room for an old friend, right? And to be fair, if anyone is going to invest in something, it’s wise to do so if it’s versatile and can be worn for a lifetime (this is what I’ll tell my accountant one day when my wardrobe is all I have, as I told my parents the same when I forked out my life savings on a Chanel bag).

What I love is the simplicity of shirts; they can be worn so many ways and be interpreted to suit anyone’s personal style. It has been manufactured and copied countlessly, but theres an art to the placement of the buttons, the fine detail in the collar, the feel of the fabric and of course the cut that makes all the difference. One hardly feels better than being comfortable, and sometimes a shirt can be undeniably just that.




off duty


A man’s world

“Never try to beat a man at a man’s game. I think you’ll find, and I certainly find when I dress to reflect my femininity, men treat me better, respect me more and I enjoy giving into that”

This was the advice I was given today when I left the house in my favourite pair of blue jeans, a not so masculine white collared top and my new favourite pair of Frye oxford’s. I felt great – I wasn’t trying to impress anyone, just going about my daily business feeling freakin’ comfortable. Then a brunette emerged, wearing her favourite pair of Miu Miu pumps, a knee length plum coloured dress and a matching plastic peony in her hair giving me advice on how to dress.

Had I just stepped back into 1950 all over again or what? To tell someone not to try and beat a man at a ‘mans game’ felt so out of date and out of touch with reality. Am I really meant to put on a dress, put a flower in my hair and pretend I love cleaning and making sandwiches? Hold the phone. This is almost as bad as the time my father once told me:

“Darling – don’t dress how you want to dress. Dress how your husband wants you to”. 

From that day on, I never failed to remind him of his horrendous advice and proudly announced myself a feminist and gay rights activist. SidenoteHe really enjoys my rants from time to time and has invested in a good pair of earplugs. Bravo. 

The beautiful thing about how far we have come as society, and as far as fashion goes is that women have the power and ability to wear whatever the they please. So here’s to the women who don’t need to dress feminine to look great, don’t give a damn about it and look fabulous! Cheers.

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Bang Bang

Bangs – also known to some as  the forehead curtain is one of the tried-many-times-but-failed fashion decisions I have made, at least three times. You see, I love bangs. I think they look seriously great on those who can pull it off. For me, however, I will keep it for my later years when my hereditary forehead wrinkles decide to have their moment. Let’s recap on the times I’ve tried but fallen on my face:

1. When I wanted to look like Freja Beha Erichsen circa 2007 – good luck, dreamer! 

2. In a complete state of shock when my eyebrows had been waxed off beyond belief. Christ it was bad. 

3. During mid year exams at uni, having a complete mental breakdown and picking up the scissors myself in a state of despair (not one person commented on my new look, doesn’t that just say it all?). 

Here’s an ode to the front fringe – and here are a collection of images which confirms why I’ll forever be trying to pull it off, with or without success.








The ick factor

Last week I woke up to the news that shocked the fashion industry to the core (it’s been a big week for fashion).  My girlfriend had linked me to an Instagram picture that I could hardly digest before my morning coffee. Yes – it was the infamous couple that had graced the cover of April’s  American Vogue. Hell had certainly frozen over.

To be honest, I really dislike speaking about the Kardashian’s, as well as all they stand for. It angered me that Kim Kardashian, a woman of considerable wealth had put her hand-me-downs up for sale on the internet, with just 10% of the proceeds going to charity. She then followed this up with a blog post defending her actions and highlighting that her generosity was totally overshadowed by controversy. I think it’s great that she was donating to charity, however for a woman who one could assume spends more on a baby dress than some people earn in a week, somethings gotta give.

But back to the topic at hand. I understand these covers will likely sell, given the celebrity status of Kim & Kanye, but American Vogue (not meaning to tell Anna Wintour what to do) in this competitive market shall ask themselves; are they doing this because it will sell or because they think their readers will be inspired by it? I think we most likely know the answer to this question. 

Heck, I understand they need to sell magazines, I just thought it was some April Fool’s joke that had gone too far.

Who else is looking forward to the feedback in Vogue’s feedback column in a few months time? Not that I will be purchasing – but their competitors will certainly be capitalising on the opportunity to get a one up on the iconic magazine.

In other news, Scarlett Johansen is killing it on the red carpet, and her post pregnancy announcement red carpet fashion choices are hitting all the right notes. See her latest appearances here.

Tom Ford heartbreak

Do you know the feeling when you buy something online and it doesn’t quite work out?

You could imagine my excitement when the Tom Ford Nikita sunglasses I ordered online (in the most beautiful tortoise-shell colour) arrived at my doorstep. I found them for about $280, which was a fluke at the time to say the least. Alas, quite like John Mayer and his endless conquests, this happiness was short-lived and it didn’t take me long to realise it was time to move on.

They looked totally out-of-place on my face – but were oh so beautiful to look from a distance. Maybe I could just wear them on my head and never put them on? Maybe they will look great on my future daughter?  Safe to say it was time to return them and write it off as a bad investment/gift to myself. It was almost as disappointing as getting a block of soap for Christmas- honestly, why bother wrapping it up and calling it a present?

Ever since then I have been so skeptical of buying sunglasses online before trying them on. But alas, here are some pictures of the beautiful Nikita. Even though it was two years ago – I will never regret falling in love with you, and I hope you find happiness with someone who has the delicate features you require.




Ps. How beautiful is this dress/belt combo on Candice Swanepoel? This photo was taken years ago and still looks fantastic. It goes to show some items are worth investing in; a great black belt will not let you down.


From Paris with love

Comfort vs reputation

One of my favourite fashion quotes would have to be said by the outspoken, infamous Karl Lagerfeld:

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you went and bought some sweatpants”

Ah, you gotta to love-to-hate how his dry humour and painfully honest opinions can send the internet into uproar.

But I have to say, last winter, I did purchase my first pair of sweatpants in many years. The verdict? Well, they were very comfortable, and looked a whole lot better than the pair Britney Spears seems to debut on a daily basis. But heck, she’s Britney, she can do whatever she wants.

For many years, I never bought sweatpants for this same reason. Around the house I would wear a black pair of leggings and an oversized Ralph Lauren striped top that I bought in a Paris outlet for €20. However, I vowed never to leave the house under any circumstances wearing the leggings, as after all, they aren’t pants. And what’s worse than a pair of leggings with a visible-panty-line and a mid drift top? Perhaps pairing them with a pair of ugg boots and walking out the door.

But alas, there was a creative invention for those who didn’t want to be overt about wearing sweatpants out of the house, cue the pajama jeansA fantastic invention for the comfort-seaking fashion conscious housewives who live in sweatpants 24/7, and who now can do it without anyone knowing -fantastic.

I basically own the next best thing. A pair of jeans by Cheap Monday in their classic high waisted blue denim that are just as comfortable and stretchy as leggings. They aren’t expensive and are truly my ticket to the land of comfort. In the meantime, if you want some comfortable overalls; they also invented the pajoveralls. If you want to laugh, watch this clip.

The Wes Anderson girl

When Wes Anderson directed and shot a short film for Prada’s new fragrance Candy L’eau, we all knew it would be genius.

Like many young women, I am intrigued and inspired by his films and the women he carefully chooses to portray his characters. In particular, Margot Tenenbaum – the young Gweneth Paltrow with the bluntest, slick straight bob you have ever seen, much like her personality in the film The Royal Tenenbaums. Her go-to fur coat had become synonymous with women everywhere and her smudged, thick black eyeliner was a true statement of her inner unhappiness.


His talent is undeniable and he proved this again with Prada’s Candy L’eau short film, featuring the beautiful french model and actress Léa Seydoux. Not only was the short film so charming and played to death on repeat on my behalf, the character of Candy was born through the styling and beauty choices they made. The beauty look of Candy was refreshingly al natural, with a polished finish; a beautiful matte-like rose lip, paired with natural foundation, brushed brows with a hint of eyebrow powder and a spot of concealer around the eyes is all you need, Viola!





A tribute to L’Wren

Today the world and the fashion industry lost another great. L’Wren Scott, the very elegant and talented fashion designer, former model and stylist. I remember being so pleased when I saw her shows were not only a spectacular array of elegant clothing; that were a true reflection of her own style, but one that included a sit down lunch for the guests in attendance. In an industry that is plagued with such controversy surrounding size and the like, I found this to be a refreshing addition to her collections.

“L’Wren Scott is very chic, she loves luxury, she knows who she is…she is someone who appreciates beautifully made clothes”

In her own words she summed up who the L’Wren Scott girl was, and she will be always be remembered that way. Rest in peace.

Blue jeans baby

Can you please dress like a woman for a change?

My boyfriend proclaimed while I pulled up my boyfriend jeans, accompanied by a elbow length sleeved boat neck black t-shirt. Sure, it was date night but the weather was overcast, and I’ll be damned if I can be bothered getting dolled up on a Tuesday night. To be quite honest I do dress like a woman; my skinny jeans are on call almost daily and I wear a healthy amount of dresses, but that’s not to say I’m going to start wearing pink headbands to prove my XX chromosomes.

I’m in love with my boyfriend…jeans. 

It made me remember the first time I considered wearing boyfriend jeans. It was at Topshop in 2012, when I purchased my first pair. I felt unusual, and unsure about how much I would wear my new purchase…They aren’t flattering, and heck I don’t feel sexy wearing them, I feel down right casual and under dressed.  Ever since 2004 rolled around, I had disowned my once loved flared jeans in search for a skinny low rise fit and vowed never to wear flares again. Who did I think I was?

Two years down the track I can confess that I feel quite differently about boyfriend jeans. They are flattering, and sexy too! Because at the end of the day, I find that the most understated, undone looks are the most beautiful. Almost to the point where I feel ever so uncomfortable in a dress that can be a little too short and a little too revealing. I’ve passed the 18 mark and all the expectations that come with it (hallelujah).

So that was that, I put on a pair of my Swedish Hasbeens, grabbed my bag and walked out the door. And I’d never felt better.



Me in NYC over the summer wearing my favourite boyfriend jeans from Anthropologie



Sidenote: I’ll be back in a few years reminiscing about recycling my clogs, too. Heck, you only live once, wear the damn clogs!

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